Handheld Fan, Portable Handheld Electric Mini Desk USB Fan with Rechargeable 2500 mAh Battery Handle Desktop with Pedestal for Home,Office,Outdoor Traveling,etc.- Black


  • Portable and Space-saving Feature:this portable hand held fan is not only an indoor. desktop fan but also an outdoor portable fan with its handle design, which is convenient to hold in hand, and also fits your handbag with its palm-size.Or just put on the desk with the stand base included.
  • Powerful 3 Speed Motor: strong airflow with 3 available adjustable speed settings, choose the desire fan speed freely just by pressing the power button repeatedly. Ensuring 10 hours with full charge battery on speed 1. 6 hours with full charge battery on speed 2,and 3 hours with full charge battery on speed3.
  • Rechargeable High Capacity Battery:the mini USB fan comes with a high quality battery ensuring 3-10hours(Battery consumption varies depending on the wind speed) on a full charge, which can also be used by the computer, power bank, USB charger.
  • Easy Operation and Multifunctional:This portable fan with battery is super easy to carry and it will be a best companion wherever you go or whatever you do in such hot summer such as office, home, laptops, cars, outdoors, camping, travel, gyms and so on.
  • Convenient Charging and Compatible:Compatible with all USB output device with the USB charging cable,this could be recharged by 5V output adapter, USB charger, laptop, computer, power bank and other USB-enabled devices.
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Warm prompt:
1) Please note the battery is non-removable.
2)Please recharge the fan if it can’t reach the 3rd speed or can’t be turned on.

Have been suffering a high temperature and a blazing hot weather for a long time?This Tenswall Portable Handheld Fan will be a must when a heatwave occurs. It will bring a cool breeze to you.

Rechargeable High Capacity Battery
Powerful 3 Speed Motor
Portable and Space- saving Feature
Convenient Charging and Compatible
Easy Operation and Multifunctional

Color: Black
Weight: 176 gram / 6.2 ounce (battery included)
Size: 103 x 60 x 110mm / 4.06 x 2.36 x 4.33 inch
Battery Type:Rechargeable Li-ion battery 2500mAh
Output Power: 4W; Input Current: 5V / 0.8A
Charging Time: 4-5 hours ; Working Time: 3-10 hours

Speed Mode: 3
Ensure 10 hours with full charge on mode1
Ensure 6 hours with full charge on mode2
Ensure 3 hours with full charge on mode3

Package List
1× Mini Portable Handheld Fan
1× 1.2m USB Cable
1× Non-removable Rechargeable Battery
1× Product Manual (English)

Trouble Shooting:
1.Q:Why there is nothing happen when I press the power button?
A:Please charge it firstly as the fan won’t work if there isn’t enough power.At this time,connect to a USB adapter to charge the fan,4-5 hours to full charge,it will work fine
2.Q: How can I charge the fan?
A:Please connect the included USB cable to 5V output adapter like phone charger, or power bank, computer, other USB outlet devices to charge the fan.

3.Q:How can I get to know the fan is full charged?
A:There will be a Led indicator light flashing on the left of product when you get it to charge successfully.The light will stop flashing when it is fully charged.

4.Q: Could the battery be replaced or not?
A:The battery is non-removable.Please do not remove it.


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